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The Permanent Representative of Kenya to UN-Habitat Amb. Jean Kimani on 13th February led the Mission team on a visit to Karura Primary School where she handed over waste bins and sanitary towels donated by the Permanent Mission. The bins were installed to support waste management in the school. They are 'monkey proof' in design to deal with the challenge of primate interference as Karura forest is home to many monkeys that freely interact with the student community.

The Permanent Representative emphasized on the importance of proper waste management citing environmental pollution and the outbreaks of vector-borne disease as a result of unsanitary conditions. She also reiterated the importance of partnerships in addressing solid-waste management, encouraging the pupils to implement the knowledge gained at school to curb the waste menace back at home.

The head teacher Ms. Jane Ngai welcoming the team, reiterated the important role of environmental conservation through proper waste disposal and planting of tree cover. The school has an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) club that helps the students find better ways of fitting into the global efforts of addressing challenges around Urbanization and Human Settlements. The Permanent Representative later planted a tree at the school to mark the event.

Kenya Permanent Mission to UN-Habitat

February 2023


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